Welcome to our boarding house...
Cambridge Court
    and Welcome to Heidelberg,
    Germany's oldest and finest university city.

There are many fine and famous places to stay at in this world
    - from the ORIENTAL in Bangkok to the
    oases of hospitality in Heidelberg -
but which of these places, when they were opened, was immediately hailed as a jewel? - Our guest house, CAMBRIDGE COURT.

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"Nothing - whether the fax or the fridge, a breadknife or a bike", the local newspaper, Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung, reported, "has been forgotten." (24.10.1995)
"A jewel of a residence opens its doors
to academics from all over the world."

We were happy to note the understatements of the reporters and their enthusiasm for the proverbial homely English atmosphere, but (in order to avoid misunderstandings) we must point out o n e important thing straightaway:
CAMBRIDGE COURT is not a hotel but an apartment house for academics who wish to live and work in Heidelberg for one or more university terms.
And now please take your time and read all about CAMBRIDGE COURT and print out whatever you think is important.
At the end of this website you will find our office address and a form if you wish to request further information (see pages 31-33).